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Reusse Doesn’t Watch Baseball

I usually try not to read Reusse, because he’s such an idiot, but his latest article contains a wonderful nugget that’s just too good to pass up:

The Yankees chose to hoard Hughes, a righthanded control pitcher who can throw hard enough to break a pane of glass, rather than put themselves back in position to overtake the Red Sox in the East Division and the American League.
Oh yes. That’s how I’d choose to describe Hughes and his 95 MPH fastball. If Hughes can “break a pane of glass,” what can Santana’s fastball do? Rustle a leaf?

I understand that Reusse hates sports, especially when they occur in Minnesota, but he should at least watch. It takes about 10 seconds of watching Hughes pitch to realize that he’s best described as a power pitcher, with a particularly overpowering fastball.

Reusse should just stop. This is too much.

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  1. FunBobby February 1st, 2008 8:32 am

    Most Twin Cities area writers are pretty bad, specifically the sportswriters. I read LEN3 and Joe C, but that is about it. Even Howard Sinker, who used to write for the star tribune i believe, has been coming off as an angry old man lately.

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