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Another Bad Day in Florida; 8-3 Loss to the Red Sox

Well, the Twins have played a couple of Spring Training games. And the offense has looked pretty impotent in both. Game 1, against the Reds, we only scored one run (on an error), while being unable to take advantage of a three-error inning by the Reds. In Game 2, against the Red Sox, the bats again failed to show up.

Through the first eight innings, the only run the Twins scored came on a Brian Buscher solo home run. (At least he continues to swing a good bat.) We finally broke through in the ninth, with a two out rally courtesy of Ruiz, Knott, and Christy. At best, that shows that the team has managed to build at least some kind of depth in the system, because these guys are most certainly not going to make the roster this season.

And for anyone interested in Gomez’s run at the starting CF job … he’s now 0-4 in the first two games, and has looked pretty overmatched while doing it. Pridie also went hitless, making Denard Span the only CF candidate who’s managed to come up with a hit thus far.

Perhaps most ominous was the fact that for the second game in a row, one of our top young pitchers got touched up, hard. This time around, it was Slowey who gave up a couple of home runs in the 4th inning, and was unable to finish two innings of work. The reports had said he was throwing harder and better than ever, and that the Twins’ hitters couldn’t touch his stuff; if we can’t hit a guy who gets destroyed by a real offense, we’ll be in trouble.

The bright side of this game? Boof finished 2 scoreless innings, while Humber rebounded from his rough outing against Concordia with a scoreless inning. The Twins combined for 10 strike outs in the game. Position-player-wise, the only bright spot was Buscher. However, the odds continue to be against him winning the 3B spot over Lamb. Typical.

The other bright side is that MLB.TV works on Linux now. So I don’t have to mess around with my old and underpowered Macs and Windows machines, and get to watch the games on the good computer. The season is looking good in that respect.

We play the Red Sox again, Saturday at noon. I could hope for a good birthday present (in the form of a victory), but I fear the odds are heavily stacked against it. The Twins are not ready to play baseball yet, and it shows. They’d better start swinging bats and getting people out (outscored 14-4 in the two games thus far), or else the bright hopes of spring will dry up a little faster than expected.

Go Twins. Tomorrow’s a new day.


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  1. Texas February 29th, 2008 10:39 pm

    I don’t think I’d put too much stock into the first few games. Although I agree some of the signs are ominous! The Twins are always one of the last clubs to report and it inevitably always shows up in the first week. Now if by next Saturday we aren’t seeing the ball well and our pitchers are getting knocked around well then it might be time to put on the blinders.

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  3. sirsean March 1st, 2008 1:33 pm

    Yes, you’re right. Winning these games isn’t that important. (Although I’d like to win the Mayor’s Cup!)

    But I have high hopes for this offense, and I don’t like seeing it look so impotent. Even if it is early.

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