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Liriano has looked very Livan-esque in his handful of starts so far. I do not think this should be a huge concern.  Everyone knew it would take time, and three spring starts isn’t enough to get him back into shape.  Apparently his slider showed more bite yesterday, but his velocity was down.  I am worried however, that the front office people claim Rochester is not an option.  Why?  Wouldn’t it be better if he was starting in triple A, working on his arm strength, than in the Majors working in long relief.  Although, with the rotation it looks like the twins will trot out in two weeks (some combo of Livan, Baker, Bonser, Slowey, Blackburn and Humber) long relievers might get a fair amount of work in.  Even more if Baker’s back problems/flu persist.  Sidenote: Is everyone on the team deathly ill now?  It seems as though the stomach flu or something is going arond.  Isn’t it hard to get the flu and the common cold while in florida, isn’t that why old people move there? I’m not a doctor, but it seems strange.  Although I guess with all the time these guys spend together in very close quarters, if one person is sick, everyone is sick.

Also, it seems as if very few people have mentioned how well Bonser has actually pitched so far this spring.  His change-up has been impressive, and he plans to use it more this season.  It seems like everyone just wants to talk about how much weight he has lost. We got it, he is skinny (relatively) and we all know why. He exercised and ate well, no secret there. Lets move on and talk about baseball not miracle diets.

 Gardy actually made a statement that I 100% agree with.  He said Casilla might be better off being the Twins SS of the future.  At short his great range and arm are more useful than at second.  As Gleemanpointed out today, Gardy could fall in love with Adam Everett if he exhibits the all glove, no bat style of play that Gardy seems to favor over all glove, all bat.  This move will also help considering the lack of major league ready shortstops in the Twins system.  I think we can erase 2007 from Casilla’s stat sheet because the way Gardy jerked him around seemed to really mess with him.  Hopefully he has grown up since then and can roll with the punches a little better.


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  2. sirsean March 18th, 2008 8:07 am

    It’s possible that they don’t want to send Liriano down to Rochester because they don’t want to waste an option year (just in case). I don’t really see Liriano’s option years as all that important, considering his abilities, but the front office should be thinking about this kind of stuff.

    Boof has indeed looked really good this spring. He’s certainly one of the bright spots on the team thus far.

    And I’m not worried about Liriano. If he were pitching light’s out, we’d be saying it doesn’t really matter because it’s just the spring. And remember, none of us really expected him to be at 100%-2006 at the start of the season.

  3. FunBobby March 18th, 2008 10:35 am

    It Looks like Humber is getting his first spring start today. I’m hoping he can be impressive and try to crack a spot in the rotation. I have been impressed with his relief work so far this spring, and if he doesn’t make the rotation out of spring training, he should be one of the top choices to replace whoever falters first. I think Livan will be the first to falter. Liriano will only be yanked for arm pain reasons, so lets not venture into that topic.

  4. sirsean March 18th, 2008 11:17 am

    Livan may be the first to falter, but this is Gardy’s team we’re talking about. He’ll be the last to be replaced.

    I’ve also been impressed by Humber. He’s been looking good. I think it remains to be seen, though, whether he’s strongest as a starter or in the pen.

    A few days ago we were talking about closers. Humber may be the closer in 2009. Something to think about.

  5. Texas March 18th, 2008 11:47 am

    You think there maybe keeping him up here so Anderson can stay on top of him???

  6. sirsean March 18th, 2008 12:52 pm

    Could be … but it doesn’t seem like he really needs to. The organization seems pretty pleased with the work Liriano was doing over the winter, without Anderson’s watchful eye.

  7. kmac3 March 18th, 2008 6:13 pm

    Hey guys, Livan is just a fill-in veteran to supply some innings and maybe a win or two. He’s not a great, good or even average major league pitcher, but this team needs someone to eat up some innings. Let’s face it, this year is a write off. If Bonser can come around, Humber (and Perkins) can produce either in a starting role or in relief, Slowey and Baker get experience and guys like Swarzak and Mulvey continue to develop, we’re looking at competing in the new stadium in 2010.

  8. FunBobby March 18th, 2008 8:57 pm

    I agree, Livan is no good. I also agree that he can eat innings (along with the post game spread) for a year and leave. At least that is what I thought when they signed him. Now I get the feeling that Gardy is going to depend on him too much, and actually count on him to succeed. I also do not think he will adapt to the AL. He will give up homers upon homers to the Tigers, Indians, and White Sox, and unless Gardy plans on pulling him after 3 innings, which I doubt, we will be down countless games by 6 or 7 runs by the 7th. I understand the Twins won’t compete for most of this season, but won’t it be nice to be within striking distance until the all-star break? With Livan and his 5+ era going every 5th day i just don’t see that happening. And I guess some are more ok with that than others. I do agree that with our young pitchers we will be very ready to compete by 2010. I just wish I didn’t have to suffer through the 2008 season.

  9. sirsean March 18th, 2008 9:36 pm

    I still continue to be unwilling to concede this season. I think the offense will be strong enough to win a couple of 9-8 games.

    But if this is truly a rebuilding season … why do we even need a veteran fill-in? Why not give all five spots to the youngsters, to make them more prepared for the future?

    Maybe they’re not all ready … but I’d venture that about 5 of the 12 of them are ready. And we could reduce their innings load by expecting them to only go 5 innings per game and bringing in another one for long relief.

    Is a 10 man double rotation ridiculous? Maybe. But it might just be entertaining.

  10. FunBobby March 19th, 2008 6:26 am

    Those are very good points. I was excited about the Livan signing when it happened, but once he started pitching in spring training I quickly changed my stance. He just isn’t good. He is worse than silva. Do people think he will give us a good chance to win a game? He will probably give us no chance from inning one. He will give up like 7 runs in two or so innings, forcing the pen to finish the game. So if Phil Humber (or some other young pitcher) is going to pitch 4 innings of relief, why didn’t he just start the game?

  11. sirsean March 19th, 2008 7:54 am

    About $40 million worse than Silva, yeah.

    I think Livan will have the occasional decent game which gives us a chance to win. And pretty frequently he’ll completely blow up and Humber or Blackburn or Perkins will have to pitch innings 3-7. The problem is that with all these young guys, I kind of expect that that’ll be the case for most of our starters.

  12. Texas March 19th, 2008 11:31 am


    I appreciate your optimism for the bats in the lineup (and forgive me for being the pessimist) but:

    Those bats will probably never replicate the combined season they had in 2006 (when we just snuck into the playoffs), they can’t be as collectively bad as they were in 2007. Something in the middle I guess, which with good pitching puts you at maybe 90 wins (optimistically). Does 91 wins get you into the playoffs, maybe.

    Take into account that with that torrid offense we needed both Santana and Liriano to pitch lights out plus an ailing Radke through some pretty amazing innings considering how banged up he was.

    I just don’t see that this year. Liriano has so far shown none of the ridonkulous stuff he had two years (granted its early) and with Everett hitting nearly everyday and it looks like Punto will hit nearly everyday that is at least 6 outs wasted every game.

    I just can’t buy any Twins hype right now!

    *** Still working on those Free Jason Kubel shirts though!

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