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Not a bad weekend, win two of three (with one to go) against the stupid red sox (that is the official name for the baseball team from Boston). Friday was great. Nothing like taking papplebon (also, none of their players names deserve capitalization) down a peg or two.  Very exciting, too bad we couldn’t carry that momentum over into Saturday.  Perkins looked ok for a while, but our pitchers just couldn’t seem to keep the ball in the park.  Granted the stupid red sox have a very powerful lineup, we just can’t allow them to do that.  On sunday Craig Monroe had one of his best games as a Twins, does anyone hear rumblings of benching the punchless Young and playing Monroe and Kubel at LF and DH?  They aren’t too loud, but such rumblings have to start somewhere. And that somewhere is here. And probably lots of other places too.

I really thing Gomez has turned a corner in his development as a hitter. Since that game a few weeks back when he was benched, he has been tearing the cover off the ball. He still strikes out too much, but he is young and is progessing MUCH faster than I thought. He takes some questionable routes to the ball in the outfield, and until last night he was able to use his speed to make up for his inability to read balls off the bat (his speed can’t make up for his inability to read books, but that is neither here nor there). Isn’t the first thing you learn in little league taking a few steps back when a ball is hit in the air because it is easier to move in on a ball at the last second than to have to move back? I don’t get why his first steps are forward everytime. Ullger isn’t our outfield coach, is he?

In other news, no Nick Punto for about two weeks. That is awesome. I hope Casilla gets some playing time, but not sure where they would put him. I think Gardy likes him as a SS, so will he play on days that Everett rests? Harris is supposed to be ready to go for tonights game, and since he has been out for a while I get the feeling he will be starting several games in a row there, just to get back into the swing of things. 

Did anyone else notice last night that Tolbert is a terrible secondbaseman? He made two bad throws while turning potential DPs. On a ball hit down the left field line he ran over to third to cut the ball off. Was there a reason for this? He was about 10 miles out of position , and if the ball got away from the 18 guys we had on the left side of the infield, only Morneau was on the right side to back anything up. I hope that was just Tolbert being dumb, not the coaching staff telling him to take cutoff throws from the left fielder as a secondbaseman.

We have Livan tossing tonight. On ESPN, can’t wait to hear what Joe Morgan has to say.


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  1. sirsean May 12th, 2008 8:27 am

    I second the motion on those rumblings. Something has to light a fire under Delmon, and getting benched might be just the trick. (As you pointed out, it seems to have worked for Gomez.)

    Tolbert’s a utility infielder. He’s not going to be a wizard at any position, but at least he can play them decently. Every team needs one of those guys … they just 1) shouldn’t play every day, and 2) shouldn’t make $2.4 million. That’s why I like Tolbert a lot more than I like Punto — they do the exact same thing, except pitchers haven’t completely figured Tolbert out yet, and he’s not a complete waste of money.

    I like Casilla at SS. I think he offers better than decent defense and plenty more offense than Everett (last night’s Pink Bat Power notwithstanding). Plus, having Casilla and Gomez on the bases will wreak havoc on opposing teams.

  2. FunBobby May 12th, 2008 8:49 am

    I just hope we don’t keep tolbert around after he exceeds his usefulness like we did with Punto. It may sound terrible, but once he stops hitting we need to kick him to the curb and not waste a roster spot on him. This isn’t little league where you have to keep everyone on the team and let everyone bat. Players who are not good do not deserve to play. Its like in high school, there is a kid on the team who is terrible, but he was good when he was 11. If we are playing Tolbert it august while he is hitting 220 because he hit 400 in may I will be very, very upset.

  3. sirsean May 12th, 2008 10:59 am

    Last year Tolbert started out hot in AAA and then cooled dramatically over the summer. We’ll see if the same is the case this year.

    But if he bats .350 through May, Gardy’s not going to care if he never gets a hit again. Which is dangerous — that’s how you stack the roster with guys who just got lucky once or twice, like Nick Punto, Lew Ford, Jason Tyner, Luis Rodriguez.

    (At the end of the day, though … kick out Tolbert or Punto? We don’t need both.)

  4. FunBobby May 12th, 2008 11:45 am

    They are indentical players. So we might as well keep the cheaper, younger one. However, if we designate Punto we are still on the hook for his 2+ million dollar salary. However, I would like to see the fan reaction if he is sent down. “but he hit 290 for us in 2006″ “yes, and he hit 205 for us last year” “but he tries hard” “yes, and imagine how terrible he would be if he didn’t try”

  5. sirsean May 12th, 2008 12:10 pm

    I’m not advocating designating him for assignment. Once TR signed him to that contract, we were stuck with him. (Think anyone would be dumb enough to want him in a trade?)

    I just hope we don’t do something stupid like re-sign him after the season, complete with the standard Players’ Union Approved “Terrible Performance Gets You A 150% Raise!!!” contract.

  6. carry morgan May 12th, 2008 6:37 pm

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