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If Delmon Young doesn’t hit a homer in colorado he needs to be benched. If our pitchers come out of the weekend with more homers than Young, he needs to be benched.

Did anyone read Souhan today? He claimed that Harris and Lamb were failing to equal the offense production of Nick Punto. That is just flat out wrong. Lamb has about 500 doubles this year, and Harris has been excellent and his defense seems to improve daily at second. Granted, it still isn’t good, its better. I’ve watched Mike Lamb play many games at third and I am very impressed with his defense over there. I think people overestimate how much range you actually need to play third. You need good reflexes, and a good arm. Lamb seems to have those. Having a good shortstop to cover lots of ground helps too. However, I do not think we are losing games because of Lamb’s “subpar” defense. He has shown good ability to snag hard it liners to third. He has a high baseball IQ (something Gomez does not have, but that is for a different time), and he is a productive hitter.  Souhan was accurate in describing Young as “a muscular singles hitter”, but its only May. Granted, he should have at least more homers than Adam Everett, and perhaps a benching will light a fire under him, but its too early typecast him as a singles hitter. Derek Jeter and Ichiro are singles hitters, because they have been doing it for years. (Note: being a singles hitter isn’t a bad thing, but if you are either striking out or hitting a single, its bad).

Also, where did the notion that Delmon is the ultimate power hitter come from? He only hit 13 homers last year and he played in every game. Kubel had about 13 homers last year and he didn’t play in nearly every game. I’m not familiar with Youngs complete minor league stats, but was he a sweet power hitter in the past? I think Rick Ankiel is more of a power hitter than Delmon Young. Wait, no. Rick Ankiel is more of a power hitter than Delmon Young, that wasn’t my opinion.

That is all.

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  1. sirsean May 16th, 2008 8:06 am

    Mike Lamb, 2008: .223/.250/.277 Brendan Harris, 2008: .248/.312/.344 Nick Punto, 2007: .210/.291/.271

    Lamb is actually doing worse this year than Punto did last year — but you figure he’s going to be able to turn it around and bring his numbers back close to his career: .279/.335/.420. Punto can’t really match that.

    Lamb has good reflexes, a decent glove, and a strong arm. He doesn’t have much range (which isn’t THAT important in the hot corner), but my biggest problem with his defense is that he sometimes takes too long to throw the ball to first.

    Delmon had big time power numbers in the minors at age 18-19. Then they dropped at his age 20 season at AAA, and dropped further once he got to the majors. Then they disappeared once he got to Minnesota.

    He definitely needs to figure something out. He clearly has the talent to hit the ball hard, but he just hasn’t been doing it. And he’s been slipping for the past year or two.

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