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KC Sweep: Kind of like beating up a child

Sorry its been a while since I made a post, I was in Vegas and almost gambled away the ownership of this site. 

Its always nice to sweep a divisional opponent. Even if it is the Royals.  Blackburn and Slowey looked great, Livan not so much. Tuesday’s win was a little deflating considering we tried to give the game away, but on the flipside Wednesday’s game was the opposite. Not sure why Hillman didn’t bring in a lefty to face Morneau. If I were a Royals fan, I would be pretty upset. But if Royals fans know anything its patience. Patience and losing. 

A few musings from the series: 

  • I’m really starting to come around on Craig Monroe. Is he overpaid? Yes. However, having a power bat off the bench is something this team hasn’t had in a while (if ever) and it sure is nice.
  • What percentage of Mike Lamb’s hits produce RBI? Its gotta be pretty high.
  • Did anyone see how Harris looked turning the DP at short yesterday? He seemed much more fluid than when he was at second. What say you to ending the Adam Everett experiment and using Harris as the everyday SS?
  • I noticed Mauer was sporting a bit of a beard, as was Cuddyer. Apparently they are going to grow them until they homer. Someone get Delmon Young in on that too.
  • I think Punto is coming off the DL sometime this weekend, how much does Gardy increase his playing time? I bet he is in the game somewhere, either short, second or, third, everyday. Gardy has been unusually anal about the defense, even for him. Lamb’s defense hasn’t really bothered me, and I think he is starting to turn a corner at the plate. But I’ve said that before…
  • A while back we made a post that used a phrase “Gardy’s addiction to scrappy middle infielders” or something like that and we had a comment from a blog on addiction who found us from that phrase, I wonder what kind of readers today’s headline will attract.
  • So we have 4 against the Yankees starting tonight. Monday’s game is on ESPN at 6pm local time.  It will be nice to hopefully take three. We have Perkins going tonight, and the Yankees have a handful of lefties in their everyday lineup. Matsui, Giambi, Abreu, Cano, and Damon. Not sure if Girardi will start all five of them, but I don’t know what other options he has. Shelly Duncan? Ok.
  • Is Baker due back this weekend, or is Boof going to make another start. I don’t want to see him try to get the Yankees out. He has really disappointed me. I was hoping for a good year out of him.


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  1. sirsean May 30th, 2008 7:57 am

    I’ve always been a supporter of the Monroe signing, and he occasionally makes me look good (usually not, though).

    Harris seems to be able to turn the DP better at SS, but otherwise his range is very poor. Also, one of his DPs yesterday was pretty bad. He took a couple of steps after getting the force out, then seemed to remember that he still had the ball — fortunately we still got the out at first. But I definitely agree … Everett’s just not worth a roster spot.

    I think Lamb needs work on getting the ball out of his glove faster and taking less time before making the throw. That said … at least he can make the throw across the diamond. Punto throws like a girl, and it’s kind of sad to watch.

    I think Boof is supposed to make another start; Baker’s last rehab stint got pushed back a day so it’s in line with Boof, which seems to indicate that Boof is making one last start before going to the bullpen. (He’s out of options and can’t go to the minors.)

  2. Shelley Duncan May 30th, 2008 9:52 pm

    Cheap shot. My swing is majestic.

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