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Why was Perkins yanked?

In the ballgame last night, Scott Ullger decided to take Perkins out with one on and one out in the 7th. It looked to me like Perkins had settled into a groove and could have gotten two more outs in that inning. Instead, Ullger decided to remove him and bring in Jesse Crain to face Edgar Renteria. He then used a series of several more ineffective relievers.  Not sure what he was thinking.  Would Gardy have done the same thing? I’m not sure.  Thoughts?


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  1. Schulte July 1st, 2008 2:17 pm

    (Note: I didn’t see the game.)

    Howard Sinker’s take A second-guessers delight.

    I’m sure Gardy would have (or did make) the adjustments…the thing is, and feel free to blast me (someone has to lob them in softly), that if the organizational philosophy is to yank a starter based on the pitch count, then I think you stick with it and pull them. Naturally, there are exceptions…

  2. FunBobby July 1st, 2008 2:31 pm

    Thats a good point. But his pitch count was only 91. I don’t know at which point the pull someone like Perkins over someone like Hernandez, but my guess is very few pitchers would be pulled due to a high pitch count if said pitch count was under 100. Either way, its a frustrating loss. We can’t let a team (especially a division rival) win while committing three errors, and losing their cleanup hitter early in the game.

  3. sirsean July 1st, 2008 2:42 pm

    Gardenhire only pulls a starter before 100 pitches if a) he’s hurt b) he’s recovering from being hurt c) he can’t get anyone out

    I’m not aware of any injuries to Perkins, so it’s likely that Gardy would have left him in longer (usually, he leaves them in too long).

    Gardy does this because he likes to have his relievers start an inning rather than come in with guys on base. I think this makes sense, for the most part, and the relievers are certainly used to it.

    I don’t understand why Ullger thought Crain could only handle 6 pitches, then brought Reyes in to face a right handed batter. (When was the last time he actually got one of them out?) Then Reyes threw just 5 pitches, before Guerrier came in to throw 30 pitches, look a little gassed, and blow the game.

    I mean, things seem to go wrong in the bullpen when we face Detroit. But that doesn’t mean we should actively do the dumbest possible things in order to ensure that things will go wrong.

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