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Gardy on Liriano, Part I

I love it when Gardy gets mad. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, it’s just fantastic.

Amid all the hoopla surrounding Liriano lately — bloggers and national media members ganging up on the “Seriously, Livan over Liriano?” bandwagon, Liriano filing a grievance, all the hand-wavy “calculation” of service time — Gardy has blown his top. It’s all just too much for the guy. After all, the team is only a game and a half back … which means it’s perfect!

“I’m a little bit tired of that stuff. We have a good team here. We are a game-and-a-half out, I come back into town, and we want to talk about the guy in Triple-A.”
The guy in AAA?! It’s Francisco Liriano, good sir. In case you don’t remember, his nickname is “The Franchise” and he sparked the incredible run in 2006 … when he outpitched The Great Johan Santana repeatedly and consistently. He dominated American League hitters. But to Ron Gardenhire, he’s just some guy. In the minor leagues, no less. I mean, who could possibly care about some guy in the minors?
“I just back into town and I hear all this stuff, and Buster Olney is making my team up now and [Genske] wants to tell me who is going to pitch here. No one is going to tell us who to put on our team and no one on ESPN is going to tell us who should pitch for my team. They haven’t been here all year. If they had been down there and seen the guy pitch, and then started talking, that’s one thing. But to read stats, that’s another thing. I recommend they go down there and watch him pitch, come back with a good report for me and walk into my office.”
It’s not just Buster Olney and Greg Genske who are “telling him” who should pitch. It’s everyone in the world who can look at two numbers and play the “which number is bigger than the other number?” game.

But, of course, that game is completely meaningless! They’re just looking at STATS, rather than actually being there to see Liriano pitch! Oh, the horror! Clearly, the only people who are allowed to have an opinion about baseball teams or players are the guys sitting in the dugout who see 9 guys playing every day, spitting sunflower seeds, scratching their asses, and cackling wildly while burning ream after ream of witchcrafty stats.

“He was here earlier. How did he do? How did he do?”
Wait a second. Stop right there. Mister Gardy, I have a problem with this. If the only way to have an opinion about a player is to actually see him with your own eyes, how do you have an opinion about the young Liriano? When was the last time you SAW him pitch? Was it, perhaps, the last time he was with the Twins, when he didn’t have anything and was terrible? If that’s what Gardy is basing his opinions on, he needs to be whacked over the head.
“We have a guy that has 18 homers in Double-A and his agent is going to start calling if we start letting all this happen. You don’t let other people dictate what we do.”
I doubt his agent will call and demand that he get called up to the majors. That doesn’t even make sense. It doesn’t even apply, in this conversation about service time and collective bargaining agreements. It’s just meaningless. That said, why in blazes is Luke Hughes still at AA? Shouldn’t he, perhaps, get the call up to AAA? Is a young third baseman with power REALLY being blocked by Matt Macri? Seems pretty stupid.

That said, I’m pretty impressed that Gardy’s even aware that someone’s doing well all the way down in AA. Bravo! (Even though he actually only has 15 homers. And nobody has 18. Bravo again!)

Now that I’ve ranted for a bit, it’s time for a little glance into the future.

Gardy’s pissed now and doesn’t seem to remember Liriano and is badmouthing him at every opportunity. Then, in like a week or so, Liriano will get the call and someone will lose their job.

At that point, Gardy will say he’s really pleased to have Liriano and he always knew he was amazing and is an important part of the Twins franchise all along. Everyone will forget about that crazy time when Gardy said Liriano sucks and 8-0 with a 2.50 ERA and a million strikeouts and 5 walks are just stats and don’t matter at all. That was just Gardy being Gardy.That’s why this is “Part I.” Eventually there will be a Part II in which Gardy loves Liriano. You just wait.

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  1. Schulte July 18th, 2008 2:59 pm

    LOL! Thank you sir.

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