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Delmon Trade Rumors Begin

Just saw a note at BP that the Twins are interested in Kevin Kouzmanoff, and are willing to trade Delmon Young to get him.

I have to say, I don’t get it. Kouzmanoff will be 27, and he’s just another low-OBP guy whose power will certainly evaporate once he comes near the Twins’ clubhouse. Why would we give up a promising young player to get him?

His home-road splits are at least encouraging; when he gets out of the spacious confines of Petco Park, he’s a .282/.330/.488 hitter, versus .243/.290/.390 at home. So he’s actually the opposite of Garrett Atkins, who will certainly be considerably less valuable if he doesn’t play at Coors Field.

This comes down to the fact that the Twins think they have four starters in the outfield, and they only want three of them. But the 2008 season demonstrated how valuable it is to have depth; one of the outfielders went down and we didn’t miss a beat because we had another to step right in. If we lose one of these guys, we’ll be seeing a lot of Pridie next season, and I don’t know about you but I’d much rather keep him stashed at AAA until Revere/Morales/Parmelee/Benson/Hicks have advanced through the system and we can safely dump him into the Mississippi or something.

Frankly, I hope this is an unfounded rumor. I’m not a proponent of trading Delmon away, and if we do I’d hope we’d get something a little better than Kevin Kouzmanoff.


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  1. FunBobby November 6th, 2008 1:08 pm

    I also think we need to keep Delmon. He quietly turned into a productive hitter last season, and will only get better. He didn’t hit as many homers as was expected, but he is 23 (I think he is younger than me, hopefully my company won’t give up on me after a year because I am not directly making them millions of dollars every quarter). Also, he is not popular with the fans because he sometimes seems aloof, or lacks “hustle”. This is why people love Gomez. There are many reasons to like Carlos Gomez, but the following are not among them: He leads the team in smiles, leads the team in dirtiest uniform, leads the team in most times my hat can fall off while i run, you get where I’m going with this. I am not proposing we trade either, but I think this is typical twins fans, they only like players if they actively show they are excited to be playing…inside. Maybe Delmon is 100% focused on the game while he is fielding and has no time to smile at the crowd. Maybe while running in from the field the only thing he is thinking about is his next at bat, so he doesn’t have time to toss a ball into the stands for a kid. Nothing wrong with the way either plays the game, but don’t hate on Young just because he isn’t acting like a little leager on the field. The man is a professional and his approach to the game should be accepted.

    Sorry for the rant.

  2. sirsean November 6th, 2008 1:28 pm

    I think the aloof-ness is the same reason people don’t care for Kubel. He has that thousand yard stare, rarely smiles, doesn’t seem to care whether he hits the ball or strikes out, and doesn’t run hard.

    Who cares about any of those things? So he’s not a speed guy — he can still hit the ball.

    I like Delmon Young, I like Carlos Gomez, I like Jason Kubel. But I liked Mientkiewicz and Koskie and Torii Hunter and Jacque Jones and Shannon Stewart — until they were all replaced by guys who were at least as good and that I liked just as much or more.

    And remember that Morneau was aloof and uncaring too, in addition to being unproductive — right up until June 2006 when it clicked for him and he became the player he is today. The same thing can happen for Delmon and Kubel, and I hope Morneau and Mauer do what they can to help the process along. It’d sure be nice to create a couple more guys on this team who hit and act like Morneau.

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