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Rob Neyer Has Some Shit To Say About The Twins, As Always

Rob Neyer continues his assault on all things Twins, saying that the Twins should have cut Kubel loose rather than signing him to this horrible, inexcusable contract.

One would assume that if anyone would have noticed the obvious parallel between Kubel and DOrtiz, it would have been Rob Neyer, that paragon of Boston fandom. So of course the Twins should have cut Kubel loose, because the original DOrtiz is falling to pieces and the Boston Red Sox need a new one.

But what’s that you say? The AL Central wasn’t actually created as a farm system for Boston and New York? You mean teams here can actually keep their own players if they want to? That’s weird. Mr Rob Neyer has never heard of this concept before. Therefore we should just give him our players and stop pretending like we want to actually field a team.

Neyer thinks he closes with a good point:

If Jason Kubel were a free agent, it’s not likely that the Twins would have thrown $7 million (or $12 million) his way. But Kubel’s been a Twin for nearly nine years, and after nearly nine years (and a knee surgery or two) it’s not easy to cut a guy loose. Especially a fairly productive guy. Even when the numbers say that’s exactly what you should do. 
Oh ho! Think about it! If Kubel were a free agent, would you sign him to this contract?

Maybe. Maybe not. 

But, on the other hand, he’s not a free agent. He’s an arbitration eligible player who was already under team control — ie, we were going to be paying him anyway. In arbitration, he almost certainly would have been awarded $3M+ this offseason, and more next year. So the question of what we’d do if we weren’t already going to be paying him is meaningless.

And he’s a known quantitiy. I don’t know what Eric Hinske or some other washed up veteran piece of crap player is like in the clubhouse, and neither do the Twins. But they do know what Kubel is like. They know he’s a little quiet, that he keeps to himself, that he doesn’t overextend himself, that he can no longer run, that he can’t really grow a good beard, and that he has a penchant for hitting grand slams late in the game. These are all things the Twins know about Jason Kubel, that they’ve learned over the last nine years of having him in the system.

And another thing. How many times do teams just cut the third best hitter on their team during his arbitration years? Compile for me a list of players who hit 20 HR in an arbitration-eligible season and were subsequently released from the team. Please. I want to see that list.

So no, Rob Neyer, just because we’ve had Kubel for nine years does NOT mean it’s your turn to have him. We’ll keep DOrtiz v2.0 for ourselves, thank you very much.

Is it just me, or have people come out attacking the Twins a bit more than usual today? It’s probably me.

Oh, and one more thing. Am I the only person who’s glad that the Twins are NOT signing guys like Hinske? You know, washed up mediocre veterans who do nothing but suck up some free millions and steal playing time from our younger, more talented players? Passing on the dung-flavor of the month in favor of hitching a ride with a still-improving slugger is a move in a positive direction for this team, and I personally find it amusing that guys like Rob Neyer and Dave Cameron are annoyed that we’ve finally figured that out.

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  1. Marv January 29th, 2009 4:41 pm

    I can appreciate the argument that the Twins may have been better off cutting Kubel & signing Dunn, but that is only an argument. With the way that Kubel has been improving it is ridiculous that someone would insist that this is a bad signing.
    Neyer must really be running out of things to talk about.

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