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Sean Henn gets the call and other Tuesday thoughts

Perkins was placed on the disabled list today, and will be replaced by Sean Henn.  Henn has appeared in 15 games for the Red Wings, pitching 24 innings, giving up 3 earned runs (but 7 unearned, ouch) with a 32/10 K/BB ratio.  That’s a 12.0 K/9.  Not half bad.   His major league track record hasn’t been great.  He has spent time with the Yankees and the Padres. 

Apparently Perkins was trying to pitch through elbow inflammation, which is never a good idea.  Hopefully this has been the cause of his recent May suckiness, not simply being a bad pitcher.  The bigger question is, who will replace Perkins in the rotation?  If its just one start my money is on Dickey, just like they did with Baker.  However, “elbow inflammation” never seems to last one start so they will have to call someone up.  The only pitchers in Rochester that are currently on the 40 man roster are Duensing, Armando Gabino, and Anthony Swarzak.  Duesning and Swarzak are starters so they are the two obvious choices.  Unless we want to grab someone from double A, which I would have no problem with.  It just seems that the Twins MO is to use AAA as their source for stop-gap players, only allowing players to jump from AA to the Majors if its for a full time job.

Hopefully this Sean Henn move injects some life (and by life I mean ability to get people out) into the bullpen.  I was hoping one of Slama or Delaney would be called up, but the fact that they weren’t further proves my AA vs. AAA theory.  If Henn turns out to be valuable, perhaps like Breslow last year, who will the Twins part ways with when Perkins comes back?  My money is on Ayala, even though he was moderately effective last night.  He just isn’t any good.

Speaking of last night, how about Dickey being basically the only reason we were still in that game.  After Perkins threw BP for 2/3 of an inning (even one of his outs was a warning track fly ball) Dickey came in for 4.1 innings and shut the Yankees down.  Impressive.  We still need to do a better job of hitting with RISP.  Maybe we should practice it more.  Oh wait, you can’t do that.  I think we have finally proved that what the Twins did last year was almost entirely luck.  Its unfortunate, but I think our increased (or at least seemingly increased, I haven’t looked at the stats) walk totals will help us greatly.  Especially now that Cuddyer is heating up, and Crede seems to be turning a corner. 

Brendan Harris needs more at bats.  If Gardy is going to play Tolbert as the regular second baseman, at least don’t bat him second.  Have a terrible hitter breaking up our best hitters is probably one of the worst ideas ever.  Similar to Napoleon’s “I can invade Russia during the winter” idea.  Or Chamberlain’s “Sure Hitler, you can have the Sudetenland back”.  Yes, I just compared two of the greatest political and military failures in history to Ron Gardenhire batting Matt Tolbert second.  Deal with it.

Leave your suggestions for Perkins rotation replacements in the comments.  Please, no more discussion of the Yankee series.  Let’s just go to Chicago and kick some White Sox ass.


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  1. sirsean May 19th, 2009 8:06 am

    It wasn’t realistic to hope that the gap between our hitting with RISP and our normal hitting would stay so large and positive. I’d hoped that our normal hitting would rise to meet our RISP OPS.

    But it’s equally unrealistic to expect us to continue batting .050 with runners in scoring position. It’ll even back out. We just need to hit more in general, and the hits will fall in when they count.

    My vote goes to Swarzak to replace Perkins. Let’s see what this kid’s got … and if he does okay he can stick in the bullpen once Perkins returns. (Or vice versa, I don’t care as long as it rids us of Ayala or Breslow.)

  2. FunBobby May 19th, 2009 8:17 am

    I’m sure it will bounce back. I really think our guys have some sort of problem with New York. Just like Homer Simpson. I think it would be a start if we had a better hitter batting second. That is my “Gardy Gripe” of the week.

  3. sirsean May 19th, 2009 8:19 am

    I agree wholeheartedly. The bullpen problems aren’t Gardy’s fault (except for Guerrier’s arm falling off), because they all suck. But there’s absolutely no reason to stick Tolbert at #2 and consequently push Morneau, Kubel, Crede, and Cuddyer further down in the order than they should be.

    Unless Harris or (shudder) Gomez starts hitting well enough to be a #2 hitter, we should just move Mauer up a spot and send Tolbert down. To AAA.

  4. FunBobby May 19th, 2009 8:27 am

    Harris isn’t THAT bad at second. He is much better than last year. Plus is is definitely one of the top nine hitters on the team. Ipso Facto; he should get regular playing time.

    As far as the bullpen goes, there is only so much Gardy can do with the current stiffs he has. Its time to start cycling new guys in.

  5. MarkW May 19th, 2009 9:15 am

    I was out golfing yesterday evening and only had to watch our failed attempt at a comeback in the final 2 innings… I’m glad I missed the debacle of a 1st inning… and now Perkins is hurt? WTF? Because of his ignorance, we lose a game basically?? nice…

    Well… Henn is coming up, I dont know how effective he’ll be over the course of the year, however, we needed to do something and we need to get Ayala and Breslow out of the pen so they are not used anymore…

    I agree with Swarzak to come up and spot start, I’d rather give him a shot and keep R.A.D in the pen… I also give it maybe 2 weeks before there needs to be a push to get Slama and/or Delaney up here for the pen… we can’t continue on and expect to beat teams like the Brewers, Red Sox, Rays, Blue Jays, Yankees, and Cubs in the next 4-6 weeks that will murder our pitching… we just can’t.

    And yes, on Tolbert, he’s terrible, especially in the 2-hole, of course, this has been an issue for 2-3 years with Mauer… just no reason for it.

  6. thrylos98 May 19th, 2009 10:31 am

    Have you seen Henn’s splits at AAA against RHB?

    not too good. Here is a link:

    and check that .174 BABIP against LHB…

    not sustainable.

  7. sirsean May 19th, 2009 10:37 am

    Yeah, he can’t pitch to righties, and he won’t perform that well against lefties.

    But at least we have another one-batter-only guy we can either use “correctly” and end up using too many relievers … or we can use him incorrectly and give up a crapload of runs.

    As usual, Gardy will use him as a LOOGY for a while, until he gets annoyed with the fact that all he does is come in and walk the lefty to put on an extra runner for when Crain or Guerrier comes in next. Then he’ll start using Henn like he does Breslow, with similar results. (He’ll let him try to go an inning, he’ll never be able to, and will give up 2 runs in .2 IP every time out.)

    This should be fun.

  8. MarkW May 20th, 2009 1:04 pm

    And what fun it was! Well, something needs to happen with the lineup as well… Redmond, Gomez, Punto ending the batting order is pretty awful (despite Redmond’s double off Buerhle) This Tolbert/Harris thing in the 2-hole has to stop too… Harris isn’t nearly as bad, but I dont think he was on base once when Mauer/Morneau came up to bat… I know this has been beat to death, but:

    1. Span CF (OBP .381)
    2. Mauer C (OBP .506)
    3. Morneau 1B (OBP .410)
    4. Kubel DH (OBP .366)
    5. Cuddyer RF (OBP .355)
    6. Crede 3B (OBP .291)
    7. Harris 2B (OBP .326)
    8. Young LF (OBP .322)
    9. Punto SS (OBP .306)

    If Young sits and Gomez plays, you just insert Gomez as the 8 hitter… when/if Casilla returns, you bat him 7th or 8th as well… no one should be breaking up Span/Mauer/Morneau atop the order and I would even consider moving Crede to #5 as he is 4th on the team in slugging however Cuddyer has drawn more walks… I also thing when Casilla returns that he should play SS while Punto rides the pine, he’s been awful at the plate (once again when handed the starting SS job because of his “glove”, coughcough**)

    Mauer has a 12 game hitting streak and Morneau is batting .500 on this road trip, yet we’ve lost 5 straight games… Something needs to spark the rest of these guys to wake the F up! They can’t do it alone.

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