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Obligatory post since I haven’t written in a while

Well, the weekend series with the Rays was uninspiring.  I’m sure we all knew that with Baker and Liriano going on Friday and Saturday that the Rays would have at least one big inning per game.  I really don’t know what to think about these two.  Liriano bothers me more because he really seems lost when he puts runners on.  Baker gets out of jams every once in a while, usually after a homer with runners on, but still… 

I don’t know how many more starts we can afford to give Liriano.  Its not that early anymore.  We have a tough west coast road trip on the horizon. Perkins is due back soon.  Swarzak has looked good.  All of these are reasons that Liriano needs to go somewhere to get his act together.  Whether that be AAA (which I doubt, since he has shown he can dominate AAA hitters, and still suck in the Majors), or just go down to Florida and work with a sports psychologist and some pitching coaches.  Everyone seems to agree that his problems are largely mental.  There isn’t an obvious flaw in his mechanics like with Baker in a few of his early starts.  We can talk over and over again what should be done, but I think its clear nobody really knows.  If Perkins comes back healthy,  and Swarzak has another good outing, I bet they move Liriano out of the rotation.  Which is for the best.

Another problem that needs to be taken care of is Delmon Young.  Can’t we put him on the DL for a long time with one of those “anxiety disorder” things that everyone seems to be doing?  I mean his mother did just die, so its not like it is TOTALLY unbelievable.  We can’t keep trotting him out there everyday, as he is the worst outfielder in the AL (to go along with Nick Punto also being one of the worst everyday players in the AL).  As Gleeman pointed out yesterday, Gomez makes up for his terrible offense with excellent defense, thus making him slightly above replacement level.  Young on the other hand is atrocious on both sides of the ball, thus making him one of the worst in the league in terms of RAR.

Harris needs to be in the lineup everyday, not because he is a great player, but because he is the best middle infielder on the major league roster.  Hands down.  Do we call up Steve Tolleson at any point soon?  When Punto comes back he is going to have a guaranteed spot in the lineup, so my guess is either Casilla or Tolbert go back to AAA.  Probably Casilla because a) Gardy hates him, and b) Tolbert can play at third, second and short. 

These last two problems are very frustrating because the top 6 on this years team is probably the best top 6 the Twins have had in a while.  However, the bottom three are the worst bottom three that any team has had in a while.  Span-Mauer-Morneau-Kubel-Cuddyer-Crede is outstanding.  Young/Gomez-Punto-Tolbert/Casilla is downright awful.  Plugging Harris in the seventh spot makes it slightly better, but Gardy needs to come out and say “Harris is my everyday shortstop”.  Until he does this, I firmly believe that Gardy thinks a Punto-Tolbert middle infield gives the Twins the best chance of winning ballgames.  Which it doesn’t. No questions. We can’t have a repeat of 2007 where s horribly inept player is allowed to play everyday all year.  When someone sucks replace them.  Don’t let them work their problems out while helping the team lose.


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  1. MarkW June 2nd, 2009 1:22 pm

    Delaney was just promoted to AAA (Good thing, hopefully it’s a quick stop before he sees his first stint in the majors – well overdue).

    Focusing on tonight vs the Indians, they are throwing a rookie left-hander at us in Huff… It seems we ALWAYS struggle against rookie pitchers because we’ve never faced them before and we aren’t that patient at the plate… him being left-handed doesn’t make anything easier. Unfortunately it “sounds” like Crede will be out tonight (not sure how certain though)… and it would be nice in these times to have Morales up to do the catching while Mauer is the DH and perhaps sit Kubel… however, tonight I believe we’ll see something like this:

    Span LF Mauer C Morneau 1B Kubel DH Cuddyer RF Harris 3B Gomez CF Tolbert SS Casilla 2B

    I dont see how you can justify playing Young again today, and Buscher shouldn’t be near the plate with a lefty going… I guess this is what we are left with? perhaps Cuddy can be moved to the 4-hole to break up the LH bats in our lineup… we shall see… We really need Crede to stay healthy going forward.

  2. sirsean June 2nd, 2009 1:39 pm

    Thrylos posted on his blog regarding Liriano’s release point, and the graphs he posted seem to indicate that Liriano may have a mechanical issue he needs to work out.

    His release point is all over the map, and is much farther from his body than it was last year (when he was successful). He absolutely needs to make an adjustment to fix that.

    He can do that in Fort Myers while he’s on the Dontrelle List, or he can work on it in Rochester with Cuellar and the Cliburns, or he can work on it with Anderson in the bullpen (while occasionally getting 1-2 innings for us, in which role he just might be successful). But we can’t just trot him out there to lose a game every 5 days like we’ve been doing.

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