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We’re Changing Our Address:

Fire Gardy, the blog, has had a good run these last two years. We started from nothing, and built a somewhat healthy readership — that’s you! — who come here numbering over 100 on any day we post a new article. Of course, that’s not a big following by the standards of many baseball writers, but for small-time bloggers like us it’s pretty heartwarming. We’ve been glad to be here, and we’ve been even more glad that you, our readers and commenters, were here too.

But the recent flap regarding the name, often brought up by the people I know in real life* and by the links from Posnanski and Neyer which set us up as some sort of ringleaders of a misguided Anti-Gardy League here in the wild ol’ internet, it has become clear that the title of the blog may be holding the site back even more than our lack of insights about baseball or ability to entertain readers with our prose.

* As opposed to the people I know from the internet, which is less like really knowing them.

So, we have decided to continue blogging in the same way — but with more pictures and rootin’ tootin’ — but under a different letterhead. The new site is up and running at It has a more modern look to it, and that delightful photograph you’ll find in the header was taken by FunBobby. The improved appearance of the site will hopefully make up for the fact that we’re pulling up our tent stakes and fleeing our hometown in the middle of the night, like some sort of Carl-Pohlad-in-his-2002-dreams, and abandoning our small but loyal group of fans.

We’re not abandoning you. Our odd senses of humor and esoteric statistical witch-doctory and love of the game will still be coming to you every whenever-we-come-up-with-something, as long as you update your RSS reader to our new feed. In the interest of making a smooth transition, we’ve copied over all our posts and comments onto the new site; in the interest of history, I’m leaving all the old content up on this old Fire Gardy site (for as long as I feel like continuing to pay for the domain).

Hitting the Foul Pole.

Make it your new favorite Twins blog.


Introducing the Span Fan t-shirt!

We tried to make a t-shirt once in the past, the “Free Jason Kubel” shirt — it was a cool shirt, I thought, but we had it made shortly before Kubel was freed and took advantage of it by establishing himself as one of the best hitter on the team and assuring himself a spot in the lineup. Whenever I wear it, I get quizzical looks and questions like “Who is Jason Kubel, some sort of political prisoner?” or, more rarely, “Why does Kubel need to be freed? Isn’t he good?”

So maybe it’s time for a new t-shirt, one that won’t be obsolete immediately.

Let’s see … we want a young, popular (but not too popular just yet) player, under contract for several years, with potential to improve and — why don’t I just stop right there. You know what I’m getting at.

Span Fan t-shirt

Introducing the brand new, exclusive Span Fan t-shirt!

You can customize the color of the sleeves if you want — I just went with the standard black sleeves. Since mine was delivered, I’ve worn it constantly.

I know for a fact that FunBobby will be wearing his to Opening Day — so look for the guy who looks like a happier version of Glen Perkins wearing an awesome Span Fan t-shirt, and feel free to get jealous that your t-shirt is so lacking in coolness. Then solve that problem by getting your very own Span Fan shirt.

Sorry about the blatant self-promotion. Of course, we’ll try to keep this kind of crap to a minimum (which I think we’ve done over the years).