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Thome on the Twins’ clubhouse atmosphere

An email from Pat Neshek to Buster Olney (insider only) sheds some light on the Twins’ clubhouse atmosphere.

“Our bullpen really centers around Nathan, so this, of course, is a huge blow to the ‘pen. When I first got up in 2006, I was amazed that the bullpen guys all stretched together, hung out together and did things off the field together.

“As far as the bullpen goes, Nathan and Matt Guerrier are the best of friends. Jesse Crain is not too far behind and always together with them. Jose Mijares is quiet and does his own thing. I can’t quite get a read on Clay Condrey. In years past it was this way as well. We like to run and lift together and do things as a group and I’m pretty sure this doesn’t happen with other teams. Jim Thome was commenting the other day to Kevin Slowey that this was probably the nicest atmosphere and bunch of guys he has been around, it was cool to hear coming from him.”

I imagine the Indians and White Sox won’t be too pleased to hear that; at the same time, though, Thome spent his tenure with those teams sharing a clubhouse with Albert Belle and AJ Pierzynksi, so maybe it’s not saying too much.

Of course it remains impossible to measure a team’s “chemistry.” Still, reports of good chemistry are encouraging — especially coming from a long-time veteran player, at a time when the team isn’t winning.


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